Cigar club in Klaipėda

A place to relax, have meaningful conversations and spend quality time.

Prestige place

Located in the heart of the old town of Klaipėda, the cigar club "City cigar club" is a perfect place for both relaxation with company of friends and business conversations with partners.

Luxury interior

Rooms equipped with everything for the modern gentlemen, with luxurious, classic interior and thoughtful details. A place created for men who know their worth.

Cigars from all over the world

Cigars are selected with the help of world-class experts. Our menu features a selection of ten cigars that are considered to be among the best in the world.

Vyras pramogaujantis cigarų klube

Cigar club in Klaipėda with luxury cigars from all over the world

Cigars, whiskey, meaningful conversations and quality ,,man time" is how you can describe the cigar club "City Cigar Club". Located in the heart of the old town of Klaipėda, next to the Dane River, we provide a place for men who know their worth to come and relax after a day's work, enjoy drinks and the best cigars from around the world.

The interior of the club is furnished in an extremely luxurious manner, with special furniture, decorations, thoughtful details, lighting, and royal colors to satisfy the modern gentleman's need to feel comfortable. And to create a place suitable both for hanging out with a good friend and for a business meeting with partners to discuss matters. 

We offer our guests the opportunity to spend time quietly in a cozy, well-ventilated room prepared for a cigar club. Everything is designed so that when you come, you can forget all your worries and problems to truly relax. We are sure that many gentlemen will find here a second home and a place to return again and again. 

Our services


Exclusive cigars from around the world

-Cigars selected and recognized by experts at the global level

-From various parts of the world

-Only with an expert rating >90 out of one hundred points on the global rating scale.

-Your favorite bar drinks


Services in the cigar club

-The best cigars in the world

-Your favorite bar drinks

-Educational activities

-A truly masculine environment suitable for both relaxation and business meetings

- Theme evenings organized by the cigar club team

-Other entertainment

Entertainment for private events

-Renting a luxury space for private parties

- Rent of a professional bartender for Your party

-Renting other service staff for your party

-Meeting place for companies and various organizations

Moments from the life of the cigar club

"Smoking cigars is like loving women. First, you are attracted by their shape, but you stay because of the taste. And then, whatever you do - never let the burn go out."