Renting the club for private activities

Renting the club for a private activity

The club can be rented for private events. Both closed and open events are available. We can accommodate up to 15-20 people. Also we can provide service staff from professional bartender, cigar expert to dancers. Snacks are also available. There would also be a large flat-screen TV in the club, through which the participants of the event can watch the desired media or various sports competitions. There is also the possibility to connect all necessary equipment for event hosts.

Club rental for business meetings

We offer our space for business meetings, board meetings, meetings of various organizations. If necessary, we can also organize serving staff, snacks, various entertainment at the right time. Teaching about cigars, their intricacies. The club would have a large flat screen TV for presentations.

Club rental for bachelor party

What could be more manly than a bachelor party at a cigar club? We accommodate up to 15-20 people. There is an opportunity for various personnel - bartender, cigar expert, strip dancers during the party. There is also an option for private dances just for selected guests. Of course, the bachelor party would be a closed event and full privacy guaranteed.