Services in the cigar club

Cigars from all over the world

Club visitors will have the opportunity to taste cigars from all over the world. Cigars are selected by international experts and imported directly to us from manufacturers. Also, all our cigars are made only by hand and have a rating above 90 out of 100 according to the scale determined by cigar experts. 

Everyone will find a cigar according to their taste, because we have cigars of various strengths, richness, and sizes.

Educational-tasting activities

The club organizes tastings, as well as training on cigars and smoking them. You will learn how to choose a cigar, how to smoke it, and learn about the world of cigars and its intricacies.

You will find all your favorite drinks

Bar with a professional bartender will help you find the perfect drink for your chosen cigar. City cigar club is a place to relax in general, not just to smoke cigars, so you'll also find drinks that you like on a regular night out.

A great place with a luxurious interior for conversations and sitting

The interior of the club is designed with the modern gentleman in mind and his desire for convenience, quality, and coziness. Elegant interior, comfortable luxury furniture, smart layout and, in general, everything you need for your meeting with colleagues and friends.

Cigarų klubo Klaipėdoje įėjimas

Other entertainment is for you to discover when you visit the club

Life without a little secret is dull and boring. Like our cigars, which reveal new flavors as they are smoked, we keep a little mystery and secret about our entertainment that you will only discover when you visit us. We are waiting for You...